Still Life with Meat - YY

Still Life with Meat - YY, 39" X 39", Inv#33380911
oil on canvas
Nude - YY

Nude - YY, 31" X 39", Inv#33380912
oil on canvas

Flowers-YY, 39" X 39", Inv#33380915
oil on canvas
Flowers in the Window - YY

Flowers in the Window - YY, 39" X 47", Inv#33380913
oil on canvas
Floral Bouquet - YY

Floral Bouquet - YY, 39" X 47", Inv#33380914
oil on canvas
Autumn Bush - YY

Autumn Bush - YY, 39" X 39", Inv#33380916
oil on canvas
Autumn - YY

Autumn - YY, 39" X 39", Inv#33380917
oil on canvas

Sergey Fedotov was born in 1968 in Moscow, Russia. After graduating from the Physics faculty of the Moscow State University in 1993, he developed a passion for painting. In 2001, he traveled to Cuba, France, and the Crimea to continue pursuing his interest in art. That same year, Sergey had his first solo exhibition in Moscow, Russia, at the prestigious Central House of Painters.
During Fedotov’s recent art shows at Art Palm Beach and Art Sarasota 2012 International Art Fairs in Florida, a prominent American arts critic Mr. Bruce Helander enthusiastically commented on Sergey’s artworks:

“My trip to the Gulf Coast of Florida was indeed blessed with a new discovery of genuine talent: this artist mixes together a tossed salad of abstract narrative imagery, traditional color field painting and aggressive textural surfaces, along with a natural, almost primitive force that cleverly balances the old and the new, sophistication with naivety…”

Sergey Fedotov’s paintings are in Russian and American museums, as well as in private collections in Russia, Europe, and the United States.