Tulipani, 11" X 47", Inv#9335

Tulipani, 47" X 39", Inv#9334

Landscape, 27" X 19", Inv#33519388

Landscape, 39" X 47", Inv#33519391

Floral, 11" X 15", Inv#33519389

Ferrari, 59" X 98", Inv#9333

Massimo Meda was born in Virmercate, Italy in 1959. He is an accomplished painter-even developing his own type of paint- as well as a professor of music. Meda has a certain philosophy toward art: Synaesthesia. Synaesthesia is the art of translating feelings and emotions from one artistic language into another. Meda has spent a lifetime contemplating this idea. The result is a totally new medium that combines painting and sculpture into one: a sculpture on a canvas. Meda’s exciting and vibrant subjects pull an audience in with his endless rolling tulip fields under indigo skys and race cars that vibrate the canvas with dramatic color and speed.

This technique not only combines texture and dimension, but when viewed under special lighting, Meda’s paintings change dramatically and actually illuminate. This special paint that causes the lighting effects and allows Meda to use it to sculpt is a secret formula known only to him. Some of the paint stands up to three inches thick off parts of his canvas. The paint actually takes on the shape of the object that it is an image of, therefore becoming a sculpture. This dualism of mediums and light changing effects simply puts Meda in a genre of his own- one we can call Synthaethesia.