Percorso per il lago (Path by the Lake)

Percorso per il lago (Path by the Lake), 12" X 16", Inv#12581363
oil on board

Marco Di Nieri was born in Genova, Italy on February 14, 1957. Inspired by the wood carving technique of his grandfather and his growing artistic expression, he attended the Arte de Chaivan Institute where he obtained a diploma in art education.

His hyperrealistic style in which he has dedicated himself to creating landscapes, allows him to create scenes that give the viewers the sense of a faint breeze or a rustling brush. Vibrantly displayed colors lend light blue skies to fields jeweled with green.

As his career continues to expand, his paintings are found in various galleries across Italy with select exhibitions throughout Europe.

Art critic L. Venturini states, “Admiring the paintings of Marco Di Nieri, one lingers to observe the meadows composed of bristly rows of grass, the truly green shrubs or the leaves on the trees, and one can ascertain how the light filters through nature, giving that sense of pure visual reality that works to break through the immersed rocks in the clear water of the streams or more closely observe the water lilies that dance in the ponds, creating that sense of poetry and of peace, but above all brings out a grand perspective that seems to disappear at the horizon of a blue sky. Marco Di Nieri is a complete artist, a student of many things, and a master of all.”