Personage Con Uvas Sobre el Equus-DP

Personage Con Uvas Sobre el Equus-DP, 31" X 31", Inv#45502491
Mixed Media
Perfil con frutas y flores

Perfil con frutas y flores, 15" X 18", Inv#34336920
Mixed Media
Luz de la Toscana (Firenze)

Luz de la Toscana (Firenze), 23" X 28", Inv#45502490
Mixed Media
Figures entre el Equus i cargols de mar

Figures entre el Equus i cargols de mar, 28" X 23", Inv#34251121
Mixed Media
Figure Studies- DP

Figure Studies- DP , 15" X 39", Inv#34336919
Mixed Media
Equus Con Figura y Pajaros

Equus Con Figura y Pajaros, 25" X 21", Inv#45502496
Mixed Media
Equus con Dama Azul y Caracola

Equus con Dama Azul y Caracola, 28" X 23", Inv#25501790
Mixed Media
Equus Con 4 Figuras

Equus Con 4 Figuras, 15" X 39", Inv#25501793
Mixed Media
Dos Equus Amb Figures - DP

Dos Equus Amb Figures - DP , 39" X 15", Inv#25501792
Mixed Media
Dama entre ceramicas y frutas - DP

Dama entre ceramicas y frutas - DP, 24" X 19", Inv#34336921
Mixed Media
Cuatro Figuras Con Pajaro Blanco

Cuatro Figuras Con Pajaro Blanco, 31" X 25", Inv#45502492
Mixed Media
Ceramicas con pajaro, frutas y flores- DP

Ceramicas con pajaro, frutas y flores- DP, 23" X 28", Inv#34336922
Mixed Media
Cabeza con Caracolas

Cabeza con Caracolas, 18" X 15", Inv#25501798
Mixed Media
Bodegon de la Toscana - Firenze - DP - EB

Bodegon de la Toscana - Firenze - DP - EB, 23" X 28", Inv#25501788
Mixed Media
Bodegon Con Ceramicas y Frutas

Bodegon Con Ceramicas y Frutas, 15" X 39", Inv#34336918
Mixed Media
Bodego Amb Ceramiques I Fruites

Bodego Amb Ceramiques I Fruites, 18" X 15", Inv#25501797
Mixed Media

Bodego, 24" X 19", Inv#34336930
Mixed Media
Arlequin Sobre el Equus con Pajaro Onirico - EB

Arlequin Sobre el Equus con Pajaro Onirico - EB, 28" X 23", Inv#25501789
Mixed Media

Born on June 8, 1931 in Montmeló near Barcelona, Josep Baqués spent his first years in the countryside, in an environment where direct contact with nature, the earth and its fruits, was his main focus in life. His tranquil life in the countryside and his whole childhood became suddenly altered by the Spanish Civil War (1936 – 1939), which left him to live with his mother and younger sister in the big city of Barcelona at the age of ten.

After completing his primary education, at the age of 15 Baqués began to apprentice at a textile printing company. His unfavorable living arrangements, which kept him away from his beloved countryside, created a longing in Baqués that drove him towards artistic expression and during this time he discovered his abilities to paint and draw. Great perseverance led him to discover a magical world that he could create with his own talents – thus he is self-taught in the skills of drawing and painting.

Due to the dire family situation, Baqués was required to work two jobs, and began working in the world of advertising while also being a draftsman. Although his time was limited, Baqués still painted every chance he could.

On May 31, 1954 he married Esperanza Lopez Montoya and subsequently had three children.

Through the years he self-developed his skills as a graphic designer and in 1957 he took the position of Graphic Design Supervisor in a publicity enterprise in Barcelona and worked there until opening his own graphic design studio, Estudi Baqués. He also taught graphic design, receiving the title of professor, at the Escuela Oficial de Publicidad in Barcelona.

In 1961, with several of his colleagues, Baqués founded the Grafistes FASD, the first association for graphic designers in Spain.

His career has been filled with honors such as representing Spain at the Japan Print Association in Tokyo in 1969, the Delta de Plata in 1962 and the prestigious Laus design award in 1971.

His works are in the permanent collection of Museu Monjo of Vilassar de Mar in Barcelona, the Fundación Vila-Casas of Barcelona and in the City Museum in Tuscany, Italy. During his career he has been honored with over 100 exhibitions of his work. Galleries in his home country have
consistently exhibited his work and in addition his work has been exhibited and collected in numerous other countries including the United States, France, Germany, Sweden, Venezuela, Portugal, India, Canada, Japan and Belgium.