Las Vegas Legacy-EB- DP- SA DE313

Las Vegas Legacy-EB- DP- SA DE313, 39" X 39", Inv#25295361
mixed media on canvas
Hollywood Legends I

Hollywood Legends I, 39" X 39", Inv#25295363
mixed media on canvas
Freedom of Expression - DP- SA DE312

Freedom of Expression - DP- SA DE312, 39" X 39", Inv#25295368
mixed media on canvas
Classic Look - EB - DP- SA DE311

Classic Look - EB - DP- SA DE311, 39" X 39", Inv#17901021
Mixed media on canvas

Enric Pont was born in Atzeneta d ́Albaida, a province of Valencia, Spain in 1967. A lifelong painter, he formally began his academic training in 1979 in the studio of recognized master artist Miguel Ferri. His natural curiosity and eagerness to create motivated him to learn and master different techniques, which he continually uses to express his inner vision. He frequently employs a variety of media, including acrylic, oil, photography, and pixel painting to create highly evocative works.

Pont’s versatile style quickly drew attention, and in 1982 he had his first individual exhibition. A commercial and artistic success, the artist continues to showing his work individually and collectively. In 1993 he joined the group “Mirall” with renowned artists Francesco Messa, Amorós, Xavi Molla, and Empar Canales, with whom he makes collective exhibition and etchings such as the notable piece 750 Years as Valencian People. In 2010, in collaboration with the Luxart Company, Pont was featured in distinguished exhibitions in the United Arab Emirates, University of Ajman, Russia, Mexico, and the Circle of Fine Arts in Valencia.

Currently he shows his art work in different cities of Spain, as well as in foreign countries such as Switzerland, United Kingdom Argentina and Dubai.