Mujer Sentada - YY

Mujer Sentada - YY, 19" X 12", Inv#903005
Bronze sculpture
Los Cuatro Elementos De La Naturaleza - YY

Los Cuatro Elementos De La Naturaleza - YY, 17" X 10", Inv#903008
Bronze Sculpture
Los Cuatro Elementos De La Naturaleza

Los Cuatro Elementos De La Naturaleza, 17" X 10", Inv#19
Bronze Sculpture
Le Grand Bouquet - YY

Le Grand Bouquet - YY, 18" X 10", Inv#903003
Bronze Sculpture
Concierto En Las Horas Del Dia

Concierto En Las Horas Del Dia, 15" X 3", Inv#903002
Bronze Sculpture


Plenitud I

Plenitud I, 20" X 28", Inv#25293043
oil on board w/ drawing
Pintant L'Emporda (bis)

Pintant L'Emporda (bis), 31" X 31", Inv#19432317
oil on canvas
Entorns (bis) - YY

Entorns (bis) - YY, 31" X 31", Inv#19432316
oil on canvas
Entorn a Van Gogh-YY

Entorn a Van Gogh-YY, 29" X 29", Inv#45464961
oil on board
Cafe Mobil - YY

Cafe Mobil - YY, 29" X 29", Inv#25293042
oil on board
A Picasso-YY

A Picasso-YY, 20" X 23", Inv#25080274
Oil on Board w/ Drawing

Works On Paper

Three Women w/ Birds And Open Book

Three Women w/ Birds And Open Book, 14" X 10", Inv#902155
Graphite drawing on paper
Relativity (Figure Studies)

Relativity (Figure Studies), 9" X 13", Inv#902152
Graphite drawing on paper
Per Sempre En El Temps (Forever in Time)

Per Sempre En El Temps (Forever in Time), 21" X 29", Inv#902172
Graphite drawing on paper
Inspiring Creation (Figure Studies) - YY

Inspiring Creation (Figure Studies) - YY, 16" X 23", Inv#902211
Graphite drawing on paper
Hores Nostres - YY

Hores Nostres - YY, 23" X 33", Inv#902166
Graphite drawing on paper
Historical Muses (Figure Studies) - YY

Historical Muses (Figure Studies) - YY, 19" X 22", Inv#902209
Graphite drawing on paper


Musica Per El Colom

Musica Per El Colom, 25" X 19", Inv#901015
Maternitat, Natura I Pau - YY

Maternitat, Natura I Pau - YY, 21" X 14", Inv#901031
Maternitat en el Poble - YY

Maternitat en el Poble - YY, 14" X 21", Inv#901032
Les Portadors de Natures

Les Portadors de Natures, 24" X 33", Inv#901020
Les Muses de L' Artista - YY

Les Muses de L' Artista - YY, 33" X 24", Inv#901023
La Pintora Mexicana - YY

La Pintora Mexicana - YY, 22" X 29", Inv#901018
Homenage A Pau Casals - YY

Homenage A Pau Casals - YY, 26" X 20", Inv#901033
Concierto de Tarde - YY

Concierto de Tarde - YY, 31" X 23", Inv#901028
Concierto de Noche - YY

Concierto de Noche - YY, 23" X 31", Inv#901029
Concierto de Amanecer

Concierto de Amanecer, 31" X 23", Inv#901040
Blava Taula Mexicana - YY

Blava Taula Mexicana - YY, 35" X 24", Inv#901024

Alvar Suñol Munoz-Ramos, commonly known as Alvar, was born in 1935 in Montgat, a Catalan fishing village on the Mediterranean coast near Barcelona. By the age of 17, he was accepted into the Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes de San Jorge in Barcelona. In 1960, he moved to Paris and exhibited with other major Spanish artists including Picasso, Miró, and Dalí. Today, Alvar is recognized on an international platform for his ability to convey the complex nature of human existence and the psychological complexities of art-making and creation. His works can be found in the permanent collection nof over fourteen musuems worldwide and has also several public commissions throughout, including his most recent bronze sculpture created in honor of cellist Pablo Casals that ca be found in Paris, France. In 2014, Las Casa de Cultura (The Cultural Center) of Girona, Catalonia, Spain hosted a retrospective celebrating 50 years of artistic production by Alvar. One year later, Alvar had a second retrospective at the Castell de Benedormiens, in Castell d'Aro, Girona, Spain. Alvar strengthens his artistic vision through the use of various mediums, including oil paintings, lithographs, watercolors, drawings, bronzes, and ceramic bas relief sculptures. Alvar’s influence, and the innovation of his artist presence in a Spanish and contemporary context, is undeniable.