Soothing Waters

Soothing Waters, 20" X 30", Inv#16650727
oil on board

SOLD, 0" X 0", Inv#442588354

SOLD, 0" X 0", Inv#442588353

SOLD, 0" X 0", Inv#442588352

Navarro captures in precise and admirable form, different aspects of daily country life. As his wide thematic series he captures the different pace of this culture. People in agricultural activity are one of the elements which lend to the composition of beautiful works. Rich with visual and mental stimulation, sometimes mysterious but always focused, these are the works of Navarro.

Intelligent layering of textures and colors delicately combined with shades and tomes create a dynamic in each piece. These different ranges organized in a sensitive manner act collectively on each canvas to contribute to the emotional content that leads the viewer to a serene vision of the world.